Membership in MAMA USA

Membership in MAMA USA consists of two groups: chapters and individual members.

Chapter Membership: If you are a mother attorney in an area that has a MAMA USA chapter, your membership in MAMA USA will be through your membership in your existing local chapter. Please see our Chapters list for a list of existing MAMA USA chapters across the country. Don’t see a chapter near you in our Chapters list? Please see our Starting a Chapter page for information on how to start a chapter – it is easier than you think!

Individual Membership: If you are a mother attorney in an area that does not have a MAMA USA chapter (and you are not interested in starting a chapter in your area), you can still be a member of MAMA USA. Membership in MAMA USA provides benefits, including access to the MAMA USA list serve, networking opportunities with mother attorneys facing similar challenges across the country, and access to the MAMA USA membership list, including other mother attorneys in your area. The MAMA USA Board will also include representation for individual at-large members.

Questions? If you have questions about membership in MAMA USA, please contact us at .